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The National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee–under Australia’s Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, is seeking expressions of interest, and calling upon blockchain experts in the country to join any of the established working groups as per a notice published on July 9, 2020.

The National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee Searching for Experts

Interested persons are free to apply before July 22, 2020. 

Once nominated, they will share their expertise on blockchain development and how the technology can be used to improve the Australian economy. Furthermore, they will advise on economic opportunities, and barriers preventing the smooth adoption of the emerging technology. 

Tasked with overseeing the implementation of Australia’s National Blockchain Roadmap, the National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee was formed in February 2020 following the announcement of the ambitious roadmap. 

The committee pools together experts from government, industry, and academia, and works on ways through which the government can explore and take advantage of the rich opportunities presented by distributed ledger technology. Through collaboration, Narelle Luchetti—the Head of the Digital Economy and Technology Division, said the established working groups will be pivotal and play a central role going forward.

The National Blockchain Roadmap Steering Committee will receive support from the working groups in provenance and credentialing. They shall identify barriers that prevent adoption and explore and identify use cases and economic opportunities that blockchain presents. 

Blockchain Can Help Australia Generate $3 Trillion by 2030

Although aware that distributed ledger technology is still nascent, they note that the technology can be successfully applied in several sectors since valuable transactions can be recorded on its ledger. 

Specifically, government agencies can adopt the technology for provenance and validation of submitted data. This will reduce fraud and slash operational costs.

If properly integrated and used in combination with other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, or the Internet of Things (IoT), the drafters of the blockchain roadmap projected that the economy will generate $175 billion by 2025 and $3 trillion by 2030. 

As such, the government is building the foundation, roping in expertise from the country’s blockchain communities to make this a reality. Their core focus is to use distributed ledger technology in Regulations and Standards, Skills, Capability and Innovation, and International Investment and Collaboration.

In April 2020, BTCManager reported that Ripple Inc.’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) had partnered with Australian National University’s Master’s program. The goal is to explore how the legal field had been impacted by distributed ledger technology.

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