Our 2018 Crypto Company Watch List

When Bitcoin (one of the first cryptocurrencies and perhaps the best-known) first launched in 2009, not many people were familiar with the concept of it or even knew what it was. It wasn’t until a few years later that the name and basic idea became more recognized, but even then, it wasn’t a mainstream subject. Fast forward just a few more years to now and the topic of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is hotter than ever.

As of late, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are no longer concepts of the future. In the last couple of years alone, they have been developed and implemented by a number of different companies in a number of different industries. Crypto and blockchain are revolutionizing everything from the way the world does business to the way that real estate processes are handled.

Blockchain technology, being a decentralized, digital ledger that chronologically and securely records transactions. The ledger of those transactions can be made available to anybody, but once recorded the transactions cannot be altered or changed. This makes blockchain secure, accessible, and transparent and could be used in any number of different ways. One example is that it can be used to uphold and enforce contractual agreements automatically, making the entire process smoother.

While some crypto companies are simply working to revolutionize the way things work in a certain industry, others are set to change the world and we’ve got them on our watch list. It’s only the start of 2018 and they’re already starting to have an impact. The companies we’ve got on our watch list that you should have on yours too are:

Muirfield Investment Partners

“Focusing on value-add and opportunistic investments across all real estate subsectors” is what Muirfield Investment Partners does in order to give their clients flexible, creative, and scalable capital solutions. They invest across an entire capital structure and offer joint venture, general and limited partner, preferred, and transitional equity.

What sets them apart? They can consistently generate unique investment opportunities that downsize risk and provide a great return. Crypto and blockchain are one of the driving forces behind this company making it scalable and secure.


There’s definitely room for improvement in the finance industry and Securrency is working to meet the demands. They make “financial services more secure, transparent, efficient, and accessible by integrating legacy financial services with recent advances in distributed ledger technologies, payment gateways, and security frameworks.” They serve investors, portfolio managers, and provide help with coin and token offerings.

Investors can enjoy the benefits of instant transfer across all forms of value through Securrency’s fully compliant platform that “separates the wheat from the chaff” and only displays the deals that investors are qualified to invest in. They also make it possible for investors to have better access to their capital rather than having it “locked up” for years.

Portfolio managers can use Securrency to secure assets for only a fraction of the cost that traditional models charge. They even let portfolio managers invest partial securitization of assets and guarantee liquidity. This means that portfolio managers can get the capital they need without selling the underlying asset. They also help portfolio managers expand their network of potential investors by allowing them to raise capital from investors all around the world.

Those looking into launching an initial coin offering (ICO) can sometimes be held up by legal compliance and regulatory costs, keeping them from raising the capital they need through the convenience of an ICO. Securrency’s platform automatically overcomes those challenges by making sure that only eligible participants have access to the ICO.

Nano Vision

Global health threats seem to be rising despite the technology and modern medicine we have today. Superbugs are becoming an issue and we still haven’t found a cure for cancer. Some blame that on the current model we have in which funding to research and discovery is held in the hands of a few institutions and governments that get to decide the world’s priorities when it comes to healthcare, but Nano Vision is changing that.

Through blockchain technology and their own crypto token, Nano Vision intends to decentralize the research and discoveries and put the power in the hands of every global citizen – scientists, healthcare professionals, and civilians alike. Because the blockchain can be accessed by anyone, everyone will be able to see what research has been done, build off of it, and record their own discoveries to help us come to a quicker, more effective solution for the human health challenges we face.


When it comes to selling or purchasing real estate, some of the commissions and fees that sellers and buyers have to pay are downright ridiculous and obscene. Deedcoin is changing that, though. Through their platform, sellers can find their next real estate agent and pay only a one percent commission instead of the six percent commission they would pay if they were to find an agent through a Google search.

They have also created an opportunity for buyers to get rebates at closing, saving money for both buyers and sellers alike. They have already gone through the process to ensure that everything is in compliance and ready to go so that they can change the way that real estate is handled and make the entire process faster and smoother and a lot more affordable.


There are so many different world issues and causes that need help, but people feel sometimes feel shy about donating money to disaster relief organizations they don’t know or to fundraising events because of the possibility of fraud. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there that prey on people who just want to help mankind.

Through blockchain, though, charitable giving could change completely because all transactions would be secure and transparent giving the donor peace of mind and making sure the funds went where they needed to be. And that’s exactly what Utopi is doing – using blockchain to revolutionize charitable giving. Their platform offers transparency and efficiency and even adds some fun by giving donors access to exclusive content and live streaming (that impacts humanity for the better) and chances to win encounters with charitable influencers.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, although once considered more of a concept than a reality, are now changing the world for the better – especially thanks to companies like these.

What other changes do you think blockchain will inspire? Are there any other companies you think should be on our watch list?

Images courtesy of Muirfield Investment Partners, Securrency, NanoVision, Deedcoin, Utopi

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