Travel Startup Cool Cousin Offers Crypto Incentives

Blockchain-based travel startup Cool Cousin is incentivizing locals with their crypto token CUZ for providing travelers with personalized guidance, travel recommendations, and assistance for their locality.

The company allows users of their travel app to connect with locals in the proposed city of travel to gain localized information. The locals are termed as “Cousins” by the company and are offered incentives in the form of CUZ tokens for providing content.

Traveler’s using the Cool Cousin app connect on average with four Cousins and inquire about accommodation, timing their visit, commute issues, current events, and other logistic and personal interests.

Since launching in 2016, over half a million travelers have used the app to explore more than 65 cities with the help of city guides curated by over 1000 active Cousins and 4,500 Cousins in pipeline.

The CUZ token supply will be limited to 300 million units, of which 33 percent will be sold in the initial coin offering (ICO), 25 percent reserved for incentives, and 24 percent for future operations. The ICO for the token will begin in April after a 24-hour pre-sale.

CUZ is a pure cryptocurrency of fixed supply built on the Ethereum blockchain. Like other cryptocurrencies, units of CUZ will be trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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