Promoter company of fights without rules plans to switch to crypto-currencies

CCN says that the promotion company MMA, Primal FC, intends to attract crypto-currency sponsors for the competition.

Primal FC CEO Joe Jozzy commented on the initiative: "Primal FC … would like to become one of the first promotional companies in the world to deal with crypto-currencies." Jozzy added that several crypto-currency sponsors have already been found.

Jozzy explained that MMA is a natural environment for operators of the crypto-currency market, including for the promotion of their projects, since the audience of fights without rules is in the same demographic niche as users of crypto currency.

Soldiers without rules and cryptophanates – one team

Primal FC plans to begin accepting crypto-currency payments for the organization of battles and will provide an opportunity for athletes to receive crypto currency.

"Fighters will be able to receive crypto-currencies through cards with the possibility of crypto-currency transactions or directly to cold wallets or Internet purses," said Jozzy.

Crypto-currencies could increase the company's competitiveness in the MMA market, Jozzy said.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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