Poll: 60% of retailers are ready to take crypto currency instead of dollars

Perhaps Bitcoin will become a regularly used currency, but not now.

Financial technology company Nomura Instinet Instinet conducted a survey, which showed that about 60% of the surveyed retailers say that they are ready to use digital currency instead of cash dollars.

The survey was conducted among sellers using the devices of the company Square Inc. on a cash register stand, writes Bloomberg.

Respondents work in various industries and have an annual income of at least 100.000 dollars. The largest representation in the survey was the age group 31-40 years, and about 40% of participants fall into this category of respondents.

Instinet analyst Dan Dolev said that the survey results were surprising for him, given the increased volatility of Bitcoin. In November Square conducted an experiment, provide an opportunity for customers to buy and send Bitcoin through the Cash App service, since January this function is available for everyone, says Square.

In Square they say that there are still many obstacles to Bitcoin becoming a regular currency. But the possibility of this is, Bitcoin can become a regularly used currency, reports Bloomberg.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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