Is there any hope for Bitcoin?

On Thursday, the parade continued not the most joyful news about the crypto-currency world, including the message that in 24 hours the market fell by 60 billion US dollars. After such news, talk began that Bitcoin could fall to the price of 6 000 dollars.

The first positive predictions were announced from Peter Thiel, who said that the crypto currency remains for him in priority.

There were a number of problems that led to a decrease in the rate of Bitcoin. Earlier we reported that Google will stop placing ads related to crypto currency and ICO.

Before the recovery, the price of the most popular crypto currency in the world was 7 676 dollars, at the time of writing the price rose to 8 186 dollars.

Analysts sound alarm

Tom Lee, one of the most respected analysts on Wall Street, who predicted a bullish mood for "digital gold", published a report on the Crypto-currency.

Lee and his colleague Robert Slammer predict the growth of the Bitcoin price to 25 000 dollars by the end of the year. They said that the mood of investors is very shaky, any negative news can provoke a sell-off, since most of the holders of coins are already on the brink.

The report also says that the fall in the exchange rate also affects the miners. At the moment, the most popular crypto currency is traded with break-even costs for the miners, however, if the rate reaches 3 000 dollars, this will cause the diggers of digital currency to have very serious problems.

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