Hollywood Hopes To End Piracy With Blockchain Distributed Movie

Hollywood is also on board the blockchain wagon with hopes of seeing an end to piracy and “No Postage Necessary”, the first movie to be distributed using the technology is set for release in June.

The movie has partnered with Vevue, which is a Qtum blockchain based incentivized peer-to-peer video sharing decentralized application, or DApp, network. The romantic comedy is about a computer hacker and a stash of stolen Bitcoins.

The Singapore-based Qtum runs a decentralized blockchain application platform that combines Bitcoin core infrastructure with Ethereum’s smart contracts. The platform is capable of running on multiple virtual machines with Proof-of-Stake consensus.

“No Postage Necessary”, written, directed and produced by Jeremey Culver, was shot on 35mm and stars George Blagden from “Vikings” television series as Sam, the computer hacker who pretends to be a postal worker and steals mail. He eventually falls for a widow who wants him to reform. An FBI agent investigating the Bitcoin theft spoils the party.

The movie will appear in select US theaters and through video-on-demand as well as through Vevue. Viewers will also be able to purchase it using cryptocurrency.

“Blockchain is so much more than a way to make money. True value is obtained through peace & understanding,” Culver said in a Twitter post.

“Trust & integrity are essential in obtaining this fulfilment. Blockchain provides the transparent transactional backbone of these values.”

by Jyotsna VRTTNews Staff Writer

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