Hackers Are Desperately Trying To Break Into This $700 Million Bitcoin Wallet ⋆ ZyCrypto

Apparently, none of the hackers who have tried their expertise on it has managed to get into it. Even more curious is the fact that the wallet holds the 7th largest BTC stash ever. That’s quite a fortune.

Probably A Fake

Hackers are known to devise the most devious methods to lure victims into their trap. That’s one reason that makes this wallet’s case rather curious. For one, it’s possible to fake such a wallet and make it appear to hold that vast amount of BTC. An experienced hacker can do that using a binary editor to modify the wallet file and the private key to that of a high-value wallet.

In that case, there’s a chance that the wallet in question may not really hold that much BTC and the seller is actually out to scam his fellow hackers.

It’s A Really Long Shot

Still, even if the wallet contains the 69,370 Bitcoins it’s claimed to hold, the level of encryption employed in its security would challenge even the most advanced cracking systems.

The file is secured with two encryption algorithms, SHA-512 and AES-256-CBC, making it extremely hard to brute force. To get into it, one would have to be extremely lucky, or the password would have to be really weak. But what are the chances of someone securing $700 million with a weak password?

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