Bitcoiner Brock Pierce Chooses Akon to Run His Presidential Campaign

Not long ago, bitcoin entrepreneur and former child actor Brock Pierce announced that he was looking to take on the White House and potentially run for President of the United States. He now has a famous campaign manager in Akon, who recently announced his own plans for a bitcoin city in Africa.

Brock Pierce and Akon Work Together to Take the White House

This year’s presidential election is turning into one of the strangest events in recent years. It seems like most celebrities are of the mind that running for a position in the White House and taking control of the free world is an easy thing to do. Aside from Brock Pierce, several ballots in different states will feature the name of Kanye West, a musician and rapper that announced his plans to run for president only a few months ago.

Pierce – who serves as the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation – has announced that should he take the White House in November, he will create a steady and clear list of cryptocurrency regulations that will be easy to understand and follow. Right now, the crypto space is filled to the brim with regulations that still don’t make much sense to people, and Pierce wants to ensure that some of the confusion and strain that has hurt the industry in recent years can finally dissipate.

When discussing his decision to assist Pierce, Akon mentioned:

I’ve always known Brock Pierce to be a standup guy. He’s a real people’s person, and he doesn’t operate between party lines.

Akon is primarily known for his music career and launching top figures such as T-Pain and Lady Gaga. However, Akon has proven himself to be quite the bitcoin entrepreneur himself with recent plans for a bitcoin-based city in the country of Senegal in Africa. The city would operate through his cryptocurrency “Akoin,” which would be required to pay for all goods and services within the area.

Jon Karas – the co-founder and president of the Akoin cryptocurrency – explained in a statement:

You can get on and off the tram and pay with your crypto-related card with an infinitesimal piece of bitcoin or altcoin. Our belief is that blockchain tools and services will be one of the key things that will help Africa to rise in the coming decade.

Could the U.S. Use a Crypto President?

According to Akon, the currency would help to alleviate many of the problems faced by fiat used within the continent. He says:

It got to the point where the day-to-day African people don’t even use the currencies anymore. They’re using their cell phone minutes and credits as a way of trading for basic goods like produce.

Akon says he will serve as the chief strategist for Pierce’s campaign. Initially, he was planning to run for president himself, but later decided to back his friend Brock Pierce.

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