Analysts predict Bitcoin cost from 25 000 $

Analysts from around the world remain divided in opinion about the price of Bitcoin. According to several respected analysts, the value of this crypto currency is likely to increase to twenty-five thousand US dollars in the coming year.

Bitcoin and other similar crypto-currencies at the beginning of this year have experienced a significant drop in prices. Most markets lost almost half their value in a few weeks. Many people believe that this is the end for the crypto currency, in the form in which we know it. True fans are not too concerned about this cycle. Tony Veis, an analyst and consultant from New York, continues to positively assess the future of Bitcoin's price.

In his opinion, Bitcoin will sooner or later recover. He is not too sure how high his value will be when the markets stabilize. The achievement of six-digit figures seems almost impossible at this stage. Ronnie Moas, another famous Bitcoin fan, also thinks. His prediction is that Bitcoin will reach a mark of twenty-eight thousand dollars during the current year.

This optimism is not shared by all. James Rickards, the strategic director of financial analyst firm Meraglim, looks at Bitcoin from a bearish position. According to Rickards, the current price of Bitcoin is still too high. He added that, given the speculative nature of this crypto currency, markets can fluctuate in any direction.

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