Why did Tutellus choose NEM over Ethereum [ETH]? The factual reasons behind the migration are here

Tutellus, a blockchain based EdTech company formed in the year 2013 is the first online educational firm to introduce payment methods which are applicable to both students and lecturers for learning proofs and rewards for the teaching success. Need for a powerful and efficient blockchain provider has become imperative as the number students increased which in turn increased their number of transactions and complexity in handling these transactions.

Ethereum has got proven impact on the development platform which grabs the attention of developers to launch their blockchain based apps, and Tutellus was one among them.

However, recent updates from Tutellus say that the organization has chosen NEM over Ethereum due to the limitations they observed over a period of time. Their approach towards replacing it with NEM has brought a noticeable change in the way the complete system is being executed.

Some of the reasons why Tutellus made NEM as their first preference over other blockchain technologies are:

  • The efficiency of the number of transactions being generated is comparatively high in terms of transaction per second on a permissioned blockchain.
  • NEM provides Tutellus the flexibility to build their own blockchain which is linked to NEM’s parent chain. This helps Tutellus to integrate its transactions within the newly created blockchain with no cost involved.
  • Since both the platforms are API based, their compatibility is very high when it comes to integration.
  • Both NEM and Tutellus give higher priority to their users. NEM has got an algorithm called Proof of Importance [POI] that includes the reputation of its users. Whereas, Tutellus has got STUT tokens using which they understand the importance of the contribution of their students and teachers. These mechanisms have added much value to their governance.

Based on these advantages and terms which brings both the platforms together, it is well known that Tutellus can be very adaptable and versatile based on their dynamic needs in future.

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They could not have made a better decision!!!! GO TUTELLUS!!! GO NEM!!!

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