TRON [TRX] welcomes new security engineer Jorge Guo during this hack season

TRON has just officially announced the joining of Jorge Guo, a former core security engineer of 360 to their team.

Maria Kim, a speculator tweeted on this news:

“Keep building the team guys. Glad to hear you got a security engineer guys, Verge currency you guys should get one too.”

Tron Foundation’s Tweet

Jorge Guo:

He is an expert in tech innovations with rich experiences in internet security and will be handling the basic-level security research and development in TRON’s organization. He worked at 360 Total Securities division as their core Security Engineer handling Android security research. Besides, he has also received a lot of acknowledgments from huge Internet companies for finding security vulnerability information many times which includes 13 acknowledgments from Google, Huawei and 19 times from Qualcomm.

360 Total Security Safeguard

This is a computer program developed by Qihoo 360 and is based in China. It develops internet security. The safeguard focuses on stopping malware like viruses, Trojan’s etc. It also provides security patches for Microsoft. The team believes that utility and security should be made commodities to the net user which is a motive to their vision of providing a one-stop total security solution to every PC.


The top 14th currency in the market is currently trading at $0.0337 and has a market capital of $2.2 billion. Binance, Bit-Z, and Huobi are some of the top exchanges that have listed this token. They recently launched their second official telegram channel as well. The most awaited TRON MainNet announcement is scheduled on March 31st.

The founder of TRON, the very famous Justin Sun stated:

“Tron has entered the phase of concurrent development of projects and security, with the advent of blockchain technology. The Internet will undergo tremendous changes including security.”

TRON’s team will continue to put efforts to the 3-Ds of the underlying technology, applications, and security of blockchain.

Priyang Lee, a blogger says:

“Welcome, George!!! TRX will be huge in the coming years! The team is working hard, support them. Another star added to the team, way to go!”

Peter Hansen, a Twitterati says:

“Welcome on board George?. On a side note, how nice to see that the scammers are almost gone???”

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