TRON [TRX] beats Ethereum [ETH] to grab the #3 spot in terms of trading volume

Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON is never on a break with good news to his community with new collaborations, listings on new exchanges or technical upgrades. Tron in the recent times has been moving up and down the list and finally settled at 12th position in the global market. Justin Sun tweeted about how the trading volume shot up and has overtaken Ethereum to grab the third spot right below Bitcoin and Tether.

TRON is trading at $0.038 after the volumes hit the bottoms with a 10.48% fall. With a market capital of over $2 billion, the past day’s trading volume exceeds $1 billion.

At the time of writing, a difference of over $100 million is seen between Ethereum and TRON’s trade volume, with the latter assuming the higher number.

Justin Sun tweeted stating:

“2018 will be a year of war between decentralized protocols, with TRON and ETH at the forefront. With our vision of a decentralized Internet and high-performance strategy, TRX will surely win the war.”

Justin Sun’s Tweet

Muriel Gabbroic, a daytime trader expressed her claim:

“Are you a trader or a CEO? We don’t understand. You are controlling the market with your tweets but that’s not gonna help us anyway. Why did I ever believe in you and your crap technology, reward your followers atleast once you fool.”

Robin George, a TRX holder says:

“TRX at $5 price and Jesus Christs face is something my eyes will never see. Get your market maker out of Tron so we can make some damn money. Have been loyal for long enough. You know what the solution is? Just stop tweeting, the prices will shoot up automatically.”

Amidst the storm of negative comments and blames on Justin Sun and Tron, here are a few opinions from the audience,

John tweeted:

“Justin Sun, yes high trading volume started by market manipulators. The accounts are posted all over reddit. I believe TYRX is a great project but market manipulation is not good publicity. In fact, in traditional stock markets it’s illegal. Not long until regulation!!”

James Stan said:

“It is a smart way to remain in focus. We are all promoting you for no reason. I personally have heavily invested in Tron. However, I feel your market makers are keeping volume high. Token holder Sold off over a billion coins over a period of time keeping volume up and topped up again.”

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