Tron [TRX], among the top scorers with 11% increase in 24 hours

Tron is just getting better in all aspects including the most complained, TRX value. The value has been gradually increasing from stuck to the ground range of $0.3 ever since the test net announcement.

There was also a point when TRX shot up rapidly and moved all the way up to the 10th position in the global market earlier this year. They are now gearing up for their mega launch of the Main net and hope to some positivity through that. TRX had also overpowered the top coins in terms of trading volume and had pulled itself to the top beating Ethereum and all the other coins to place itself just below Bitcoin.

With the Main net launch scheduled for next month, Tron has successfully attracted and influenced people to look out for their project. After the launch next month, the project will be fully functional independently, and Tron will be working towards a decentralized internet. This project is expected to attract decentralized app developers too.

Apart from the Main net launch, their dream project, the Project Genesis also has the potential to attract many developers. As a cherry on top, Coinflip, a provider of Bitcoin ATM has also added TRX along with many other coins making it accessible from the U.S without any hassle, according to some reports.

Miranda, a TRON enthusiast says:

“Hey Justin great news and well done to you and the team. Do we have a roadmap of TRXs growth strategy etc? May God save you from evil eyes Mr Justin Sun.”

Dave Abraham, a Twitterati says:

“TRX always brings more value to the blockchain technology and the crypto space. Tron project will move forward with a great team and community support. Tron is unstoppable!”

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