Swing, Simplifying Cross-Chain Trades and Swaps

With numerous blockchains all hosting various digital assets, it can be challenging to trade and swap across chains without incurring hefty fees, going through a lot of additional work, and wasting a considerable amount of time. 

Luckily, as the host of blockchains continues to grow, so do teams looking to innovate and tackle some of the space’s most pressing issues. 

One platform that is looking to fix this exact issue is Swing. Swing is a decentralized cross-chain crypto platform that consolidates decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity across every major blockchain. 

The purpose of Swing is to enable users to move digital assets from one blockchain to another in a quick and cost-efficient manner. The platform also allows for users to execute decentralized cross-chain trades and swaps and helps protocols gain new liquidity for yield farming, lending, and DEX initiatives. 

What is Swing?

Easily converting a digital asset without affecting its market value can be complex when transferring assets across many major blockchains. 

With digital asset liquidity across various blockchains being so cumbersome and costly, a need for a cross-chain liquidity platform arose. With this in mind, Swing created a platform that bridges the gap between accessible crypto liquidity across every major blockchain.

Swing is looking to provide users access to more than $1 trillion worth of liquidity across 10 or 20 blockchains. Users can be a part of all blockchains with this large ecosystem without paying hefty smart contract fees.

What Sets Swing Apart?

On top of providing a platform that enables users to move digital assets from one blockchain to another, Swing has numerous other benefits that set it apart from the rest. 

Future-Proof Platform

The digital asset space is fast-moving. What seemed like feasible blockchains, DeFi projects, securities tokens, or NFT platforms in the past are no longer viable. This will undoubtedly shift and evolve again in the coming years. Swing is looking to create a future-proof platform that combats this issue. 

With platforms like Swing that solve problems across numerous blockchains, they will continue to be applicable and beneficial in the future. No matter the ecosystem your digital assets live on, you can still do cross-chain trades and swaps. 

Bridge Assets Fast 

As time goes on, innovation and evolution take hold within the blockchain space, making bridging assets more effortless and manageable. 

While projects like BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche allow you to bridge assets, using them can take up to 30 minutes. However with Swing, crossing bridges is integrated directly into the platform, so you can move tokens with a few clicks.

How Swing Can Assist Yield Farms, Lending and DEX protocols

Swing can help protocols expand liquidity for yield farming, lending, and DEX initiatives, thanks to their cross-chain platform. 

When engaging in lending, yield farming, or DEX liquidity pools outside of the Ethereum blockchain, you have to bridge assets to participate; that is where Swing comes in. 

Many of these protocols offer a massive opportunity for profit. However, traders must get in early, making Swing’s fast solution an asset for those looking to benefit from farming. 


The Swing team consists of a seasoned Silicon Valley Founding team from Apple, Amazon, Linkedin, Oracle IBM and Blackberry. The team entered the digital assets industry in hopes of solving cross-chain liquidity. 

The team has years of experience building simple user interfaces with complex backgrounds. When developing platforms, they focus on the user instead of the developer-first mindset, which most digital asset platforms have.

Let’s take a look at the CEO and Co-Founder.

Viveik Vivekananthan, CEO & Co-Founder

CEO and Founder of Swing, Viveik has a background in software engineering, working at massive companies like Blackberry and Apple, where he handled the wireless re-design for Airdrop/Airplay protocols.

Before dropping out to lead Swing full-time, Viveik was taking a Masters in Business Administration at SCU Leavey Business.

For his crypto contributions, Viveik founded Silicon Valley Blockchain Consortium and built an Ethereum plasma-based scaling solution in 2017/2018.

Viveik believes Swing is going to play a key role in the future of blockchain/DeFi and that the team and Swing has all of the tools necessary to achieve the platform’s mission:

“Our team features some of the most talented developers in the broader tech world who want to help push crypto, DeFi and cross-chain liquidity forward. They have made a name for themselves with legacy brands across Silicon Valley, and they have the ability to build Swing into a robust solution that will become a mainstay solution in the crypto world too.”


Swing’s decentralized cross-chain crypto platform is intuitive and easy to use. Consolidating decentralized exchange liquidity across every major blockchain seems like an excellent way to open up the doors of opportunity for investors.

The project has already accumulated 14,000 Telegram users, which is still growing and will undoubtedly continue to do so when the crypto-community learns of the platform’s value.

Between the fast bridge solution, facilitating easier cross-chain liquidity provisioning, and becoming a future-proof platform, Swing is sure to become an influential platform through the digital asset space.

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