Smartlink Announces Yield Farming on the Second Edition of Its Tezos-based DEX, Vortex

Smartlink, a sustainable ecosystem being developed on the Tezos blockchain to foster the adoption of decentralized and scalable applications today announced the launch of yield farming on Vortex v1.2, the latest edition of the leading Tezos-based decentralized exchange (DEX).

Smartlink Announces Yield Farming on Vortex v1.2

In an announcement made today, Smartlink said it had officially commenced yield farming on Tezos-powered automated market maker (AMM) Vortex v1.2.

For the uninitiated, Smartlink’s rapidly developing DeFi ecosystem already boasts of a TVL of more than $10 million and is primed to attract more liquidity over time.

Vortex v1.2 is the newly launched second edition of the Vortex DEX that features a suite of innovative and robust features such as a native indexer, robust analytical capabilities, an ROI calculator, and a lot more.

Yield farming plays a significant role in bootstrapping any DeFi protocol’s usage, more so in the DeFi 2.0 ecosystem as it incentivizes liquidity providers for contributing liquidity to DEXes.

In the announcement, Smartlink unveiled liquidity farms for a wide range of tezos-based tokens (FA 1.2 and FA 2.0) such as SMAK, USDtz, hDAO, ETHtez, tzBTC, Crunch, Plenty, QUIPU, kUSD, and Ctez.

Notably, the Vortex yield farming smart contracts have undergone an extensive audit by LIGO Lang, a leading Tezos development studio and developer of friendly smart contract languages for Tezos.

What Does Vortex v1.2 Offer?

As mentioned earlier Vortex v1.2 is the second edition of the leading Tezos-based AMM and comes with a wide array of new and innovative features. Vortex v1.2 offers rapid transactions, bug fixes, and an advanced analytics suite.

Staying true to its comprehensive development approach, Smartlink has developed an in-house indexer for quick confirmations and smooth operations on its budding DeFi ecosystem. Vortex v1.2 also tackles some of the bugs and issues witnessed in the AMM’s previous version.

Besides the technical upgrades and bug fixes, Vortex v1.2 is focused on enhancing user experience.

Vortex v1.2’s analytical suite includes displaying daily gainers and losers, daily TVL, top pools, staking statistics, and fee distribution. In addition, users have the choice to track all important information from a single tab.

Moreover, Vortex v1.2 enables users to add liquidity to different pools from the farming interface/page itself. Further, the new edition of the DEX features an ROI calculator that gives clear insights into the yield-generation potential of different farms across Vortex.

At large, Vortex is an integral part of the wider Smartlink DeFi ecosystem that includes a native staking application and a soon to be launched decentralized launchpad for Tezos-based projects that will also support other blockchains in the future.

In addition to its budding DeFi ecosystem, Smartlink offers a host of different offerings such as an escrow smart contract module and a decentralized marketplace.

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