Lisk [LSK] announces LiskHub update for creating a better user experience

Lisk has announced it’s new application update, Lisk Hub 0.3.0. The update promises a better user interface with the introduction of several features like account initialization, lock ID, address copy, a brand new desktop icon and home button. The news was announced on Twitter on the official page of Lisk.

The Tweet says,

“We are pleased to announce that release of #LiskHub 0.3.0”

The account initialization feature makes sure that every Lisk account is ‘initialized’ with an outgoing transaction in order to keep the public key of the account cemented into the blockchain. This allows the users to send a small amount of LSK to recently set-up account with minimal transaction fees.

The Lock ID is introduced with a 10-minute timeout feature after which the passphrase will be automatically removed. The update allows the passphrase to be saved only on the running app and will be removed once the tab or the desktop app is closed. This update was done in order to protect the users as all the transactions were publicly visible on the blockchain, knowing the address was enough to know all the transactions. In addition, this feature also improves the account management.

Along with these key features, the update has also made improvements to the existing features like users can copy their wallet address with just one click on the right corner of the Hub window; clickable Lisk icon on the Hub window which redirects to the home page or dashboard for users who are logged-in. Lisk as even updated their icon on the desktop app from a grey Lisk logo to a blue circle with a white outline and white Lisk logo on the inside.

Serge Che, a Twitterati says,

“Well done! Lisk to goes up! Buy now!

Cryptomanix, another Twitterati and LSK investor says,

“Good job guys. Push on this project while we keep #hodl.”

According to CoinMarketCap, Lisk is currently trading at $7.98 with a market cap of $823 million. The coin has dropped to more than 7% in the last 24 hours.



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