Justin Sun gets criticized for posting an alleged “paid” release of TRON [TRX] as an “exclusive”!

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON [TRX] has been in the news recently for getting criticised by his followers for his tweets which are generally “announcements” of announcements in nature. This time around, Justin Sun tweeted about an “exclusive” coverage by Reuters about Tron’s Main Net release which was preponed from July 31st to May 31st.

Although the community, in general, has been happy about TRX getting listed in Bittrex and Upbit, a Korean exchange, they have found Justin’s tweet to be rather entertaining than informational.

Justin Sun’s Tweet about an “exclusive” coverage

TRON’s blockchain technology allows users to store and distribute content. It allows the direct trade, transfer and exchange of content without any intermediaries. It acts as a catalyst to the growing nature of the ever-changing content production industry.

Tweets Questioning Justin’s “Exclusive” tweet

Jonathan Estrada, another Twitterati says,

“Justin – this is very suspicious. This is not a real article unfortunately. It is paid advertisement. You are misleading your followers, including myself. You paid to have this posted under Reuters advertisement arm.”

Another Twitterati questioning Justin’s tweet

Tron is currently trading at $0.047 to a token with an 18% increase in the past seven days. This increase according to market observers was partly due to TRX getting added on the Korean exchange with a BTC and ETH pairing and news breaking out of Tron’s tech team increasing their team size to cover more ground.

Tron’s main net release was the most anticipated news as it removes the Ethereum dependancy and opens up the market to cheap and huge transactions.

Matt Gondry, a veteran cryptocurrency investor says,

“The Main Net release on March 31st coupled with a possible scenario of Bitcoin breaking its current lethargic levels to a 18-20K level then Tron could experience a massive bull run. Things have been going well for them with Upbit and Bittrex. Markets just need a slight green push and off we launch”

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