Japan’s Acceptance of Blockchain Will Be Put to the Test in 2020, Says Amaten CEO | BTCMANAGER

Tom Kanazawa, CEO of Amaten, a gift card company, believes that 2020 is going to be a vital period for blockchain adoption, especially in Japan. With this opportunity right in front of him, Tom believes that the time is ripe to shift his company’s business model onto the blockchain. Amaten will soon launch as a decentralized application (dApp) on the Aelf blockchain. As per Crunchbase data, the company had 70,000 users in 2017 alone, November 7, 2019.

Building on Positivity

The shift from physical to digital has radicalized several business models in the last decade. From commerce and finance to information and communication, the opportunities have been endless. The advent of blockchain has further aided this, by giving people the means to organize without a centralized entity watching and controlling their every move.

Gift cards went digital with the likes of BestBuy, Amazon, et al, and we are on the verge of yet another paradigm shift in this niche. Amaten’s plans to offer their gift cards over the blockchain hinges on the fact the company is domiciled in Japan.

CEO Tom Kanazawa radiates optimism towards the Japanese regime’s ability to implement positive regulation. Although he notes that cryptocurrency regulations from the Japanese FSA have been strict, he also builds hope from the fact that regulators approved of a securities token consortium earlier this year.

Taking note of President Xi Jinping’s sanguine outlook on blockchains, Kanazawa believes this is turning into a strategic national matter, and Japan must act fast to get both their feet pedaling in this race.

Amaten’s Plan with Aelf

Aelf describes itself as a decentralized, cloud computing blockchain. And while many other options exist, Amaten sees Aelf as the correct fit for their goals and vision. Describing it as “fast, scalable, and secure”, Kanazawa believes and Aelf dApp gives his company the necessary base to continue their expansion.

His thoughts on blockchains align with that of most enthusiasts in this space, calling centralized systems “obsolete and inefficient.”

In the coming days, Amaten will launch their token, AMA, and will release a detailed roadmap highlighting their future plans and past milestones. Many strategic partnerships are in the pipeline, and everything will be revealed to the public in due time.

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