IOTA [MIOTA] to revolutionize transactions through ‘Trinity Wallet’

IOTA, the 10th largest coin in the world seem to be having some stability. Currently priced at $1.20, it peaked an intraday high of $1.24 and it has not gone down $1 in the last one month.

The trinity wallet is the most awaited ‘user-friendly’ wallet from IOTA. The people from the community who aided the development team took the cellular wallet to new heights. The team was working on the desktop implementation and has now published the report of the week’s progress made by them.

The developments so far on cross-platform application include an added support for Estonian, Lithuanian and Thai languages, an update on translations, removal of unnecessary hashing on first load which resulted in huge speed improvement, an updated node list which removed unreliable nodes and added CarrIOTA field, reduced transfer preparation time, creation of user-facing documentation and significant code refactoring which is currently in progress.

The developments on the mobile application include several updations, removals, fixes, additions, etc. They are: Fixing the pesky Android local PoW incorrect nonce bug, iOS local PoW invalid bundle bug, incorrect recent transactions displayed on balance page, adding handling for IOTA lib js calls sizes over 1000, updating Android splash screen, updating iOS splash screen, blocking accessibility text sizes that affect the user interface, making the screen responsive to keyboard to avoid overlap with text inputs, removing unnecessary component re-rendering, adding handling for commas in send amount field, fixing the black background on enter seed screen on iPhone X, fixing seed box arrow cut-off, updating balance page UI, updating onboarding pages UI.

The desktop update includes an updated wallet dashboard UI/functionality, deep linking implementation, addition of wallet lock on user inactivity, a refined alpha version build setup, code refactoring/test coverage, additional bundle validation check, remaining bug fixes, in-app bug reporting feature and an in-app about page.

A Reddit user says:

”Adding carrIOTA’s field as a full node. That will definitely help the user experience.”

A cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Thanks for the updates. Progress looks great! Question though: how does the security audit take place when massive code changes are still going on?”

Another user comments on Reddit:

“So excited! Glad to see that you are keeping consistency between all platforms! This is missing on the beta wallets Nano and it’s a bit of a shitshow. I’m sure this will make for a great product”


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