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The IOTA Foundation in partnership with the Eclipse Foundation, Dell Technologies, and 14 other partners are set to launch the Tangle EE Working Group tasked with promoting greater IOTA adoption.

Tangle EE Working Group to Focus on Promoting IOTA Adoption

In a blog post published on Tuesday (February 11, 2020), the IOTA Foundation announced the formation of the Tangle EE Working Group. According to the statement, the working group is the product of a coalition of partners including the IBM-founded Eclipse Foundation, Software AG, IoTIFY among others.

An excerpt from the blog post reads:

“Tangle EE unites a diverse group of leading companies, academics, and standards bodies in developing data, payment and identity solutions and tooling on IOTA’s Tangle… With the launch of Tangle EE, and its vendor-neutral open framework, we distribute governance in key IOTA use case areas. Organizations can steer the direction of IOTA’s development and build their own products, services and intellectual property on IOTA without any risk of license infringement later on.”

According to the IOTA Foundation, the partnership with the Eclipse Foundation is due to the latter’s involvement in enterprise-grade open source solutions. The IOTA Foundation says it hopes all the partners will be able to leverage their expertise in ensuring the new working group achieves its stated aim.

The blog post also revealed that the Tangle EE Working Group will immediately begin working on developing solutions for unified identity and decentralized marketplaces. The unified identity protocols aim to use IOTA technology in creating seamless onramps for organizations to develop high-level decentralized identity protocols.

For decentralized marketplaces, the Tangle EE Working Group wants to focus on building “industry-agnostic” decentralized marketplace platforms.

Building Enterprise-grade DLT Solutions

Software AG, one of the Tangle EE Working Group partners is also an IOTA adopter. In January 2020, the German enterprise-grade software developer announced plans to integrate IOTA’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) framework into its operations.

Several mainstream and blockchain firms are currently working towards developing DLT-based enterprise-grades solutions. These projects hope to successfully leverage the speed, security, and immutability of the blockchain into creating cutting-edge products to large establishments.

Blockchain consortiums like Hyperledger have teams of open source developers creating blockchain-based solutions for industries like banking, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, etc. as previously reported by BTCManager, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance recently debuted its mainnet integration protocol for ERPs and other corporate systems of record.

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