IOTA Crypto: Accusations, Development and Price

First of all, it is of standard before stepping in to invest or trade a particular cryptocurrency that is changing hands in the market, you have to do your own research with no importance as to which coin it is. At the same time, as you are going link after link, platform after platform, you might run into fake news which could change your mind one chosen crypto.

Twitter seems to be the main tool for following up with how well currencies are doing given the fact that lots of people are sharing new information about the currencies at all times. Even developers have found social media very useful as they can now share their announcements and get to a wide array of targeted audiences quickly.

So, using a particular platform, the approach towards information and data in general around the virtual currencies has become easier and faster, which is why the latest development regarding IOTA spread very fast.

As it seems, the crypto that is positioned as the 11th largest coin by market capitalization in global-scale is not pairing to its realistic price as it should be lower – according to many analysts and various individuals.

The issue that gave birth to this war among IOTA fans that mostly went on Twitter, one of the largest social platforms, was the declaration of cryptocurrency experts that have shared their opinion publicly about having IOTA trading at an unrealistically high price when compared to its true value and technical capabilities.

To add on the matter, proof was delivered by them showcasing that the price should not climb higher due to purposeful flaws in the system. According to what info and data is being spread, the crypto-experts have proven that the platform is a centralized network in contrary to blockchain and with no characteristic of a decentralized network. Continuing, the network is unstable with flaws and errors that are set on purpose and intention.

After this announcement, confirmed widely across the internet with solid proof of the story, developers have refused to talk to the press and answer any questions regarding IOTA, its systems, alleged flaws and the most recently confirmed accusations.

On the other hand, IOTA fans supporting the silent war of the team behind the coin, have entered a phase of them against everybody, going that far as reporting accounts that share the information.

Time has still to tell what is true and what news should be believed, however it is for sure that many are complaining about their funds and that IOTA price is trading under the $1.80 level while sinking even lower.

The recent fall in price might be the result of the IOTA promoters sharing fake news as much as the result of the recent discovery that IOTA can’t be considered to be a decentralized platform. Obviously, if the accusations are true traders and investors could return to sell mode but it should be not long before it is set as to what news should be believed.

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