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Embily is an innovative and unique platform that allows its users to spend various cryptocurrencies with the same ease and security as other traditional currencies.

Better still, did you know Embily is accepted over one million points of sales across the globe? 

Embily is helping cryptocurrencies grow beyond just HODLing, FOMOing, and FUDing by creating platforms that help people use their crypto for purchases in their day-to-day activities. Everyone here at Embily is committed to protecting their customers by ensuring that all applicable regulatory and safety measures are in place and implemented effectively.

Embily is also currently developing services in the United States! (Join the waitlist now!)

Crypto For The People By The People

Embily believes that every cryptocurrency, regardless of its position in the ever-evolving market cap leaderboard, has value and is helping create better alternatives to traditional fiat currency. Everyone on the planet is now aware of Bitcoin and how it has grown exponentially in value and is now widely adopted. As more and more cryptocurrencies are generated they all ultimately have the same promise:

Money minted guided by math, not by fallible governments and bureaucrats.

Embily recognizes the benefits of people finally being able to take charge of their finances and take paths to true financial freedom.

Unfortunately, millions of people, especially in developing economies, can’t access financial services. Cryptocurrencies can come to their rescue, and Embily is a tool promoting financial inclusion.

Embily is also a proud sponsor of several sporting events, including wakeboarding, rollerblading, and MMA. This helps people create real-world opportunities to connect and grow while Embily is raising awareness of the amazing services it provides. If you are passionate about something Embily would love to hear about it!  Embily is always looking for opportunities to reach more people and create positive collaborations.

Launch of the Global Card Distribution Program and Payment Services

As of early September 2021, Embily was providing services to over 30,000 people across the globe. On the back of this incredibly positive momentum, Embily is committed to constantly improving its services and releasing a steady stream of updates to further enhance user experience. 

Additionally, Embily has initiated a global card distribution plan and focused on providing secure services using both physical and virtual cards. While virtual cards are issued are ready for use in minutes, Embily’s physical cards are printed just as quickly and immediately shipped to customers all around the world.

Embily cards are also conveniently integrated with Apple Pay and in the near future, Embily will also be integrated with Google Pay. These services allow cardholders to make contactless payments easily and safely. Additionally, Embily plans to support individual IBAN accounts, SWIFT and SEPA transfers, and trade digital assets like BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, and USDT.

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