Florincoin Is Expected To Double In Value

Florincoin has corrected down massively since reaching the $0.4 high. Price went south as much as 85%, hitting the $0.06 low. FLO/USD broke below the 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level as well as the uptrend trendline. Nevertheless, price recovered very fast and went up to $0.0135 breaking above the descending channel.

Current correctional wave down was stopped by 88.6% Fibs at $0.087, which this time is being rejected, together with the uptrend trendline. While the consolidation could continue, Frorincoin should produce a wave up at some point, if the support will be respected.

The first upside target is at $0.18, and the second is $0.22, that is 100% growth potential from the current price.


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