Flight Delays Making You Miserable? AirPod Can Fix That

Being stuck at the airport waiting for your flight is both frustrating and annoying.  AirPod hopes to change this experience into a more productive use of your time instead.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, waking up in one country and going to sleep in another is exciting.  Being stuck at the airport for three hours waiting for a delayed connecting flight?  Not so much.

Now, some people may enjoy sitting on uncomfortable airport benches while being forced to listen to fellow passengers have loud phone conversations.  These same people also might enjoy trying to fall asleep on said benches, or perhaps going through their private emails while yet another fellow passenger surreptitiously checks out their laptop screen.  We’re sure you’re not one of these people though.

What if there was a way you could turn that annoying layover into something more productive?  Do the finishing touches on that important presentation with no interruptions.  Catch up on your favorite series in private.  Recharge with a restorative nap.  With the power of blockchain technology, AirPod makes all of this is possible.

What You Can Expect from an AirPod Capsule

These state-of-the-art capsules are there for users to relax, work or sleep in.  They can be installed in a number of public spaces and will be initially be set up in airports.  Each luxurious AirPod comes with Wi-Fi, a touchscreen monitor, air conditioning, sound reduction technology, privacy blinds covering smart glass, mood lighting, and stress-reducing and relaxation technology.

There is ample space for luggage and the comfortable seat converts into an equally comfortable bed, making these capsules ideal for overnight use.  You won’t have to worry about oversleeping and missing your flight as the pod has an alarm and you’ll be able to check your flight times on your monitor.  Amazon Fire TV is also available to users.

Harnessing the Power of Blockchain

Because the decentralized application’s (DApp) platform is blockchain based, users can enjoy all of the benefits that this peer-to-peer network as to offer, such as complete transparency, affordability, and efficiency.

In most cases, transparency leads to trust, and this is exactly what this platform’s developers are hoping to create.  All of the AirPod’s users will have a complete transaction- and economic overview of each individual AirPod unit.

Also, blockchain is going mainstream.  We’re seeing it’s technology being integrated into a number of industries, not such cryptocurrencies.  AirPod wants to be a part of the early adopters of blockchain as it will dramatically transform the way we do business and live in the not-too-distant future.  The platform wants its users to also be a part of this blockchain revolution.

AirPod Token Sale

The platform’s native currency is the APOD token, which will initially be used to rent the units and trade with other token holders.  However, holders will eventually be able to participate in expanding the infrastructure of AirPod units within the Sponsorship Program franchise model.  This program allows holders to exchange their tokens for access to profits generated by a unit.

Token distribution will be split into two phases, the pre-sale, and the crowdsale.  There will be a total of 200 million APOD tokens available to purchase at $0.10 per token.  Payment will be accepted in Ethereum.  The platform has a soft cap set at $2.7 million and a hardcap is set at $20 million.

There will be 140 million tokens available during the pre-sale phase.  The minimum investment amount is 1 ETH and the maximum is 300 ETH.  A bonus of 30% is applicable during this phase until the soft cap of $2.7 million is reached.  Thereafter, an 18% bonus will be applied until the preset amount of 140 million tokens is sold.

The remaining tokens will be sold during the crowdsale phase, with the below tiered bonus structure applicable:

Even though specific dates have not been confirmed, token distribution phases have been scheduled for March and April this year. The whitelist is already open so be sure to sign up to participate in the AirPod project.

The bulk of the proceeds, 61%, will go towards producing and distributing the units.  Although they will be initially installed in airports, the platform has plans to see them launched in other public spaces such as bus stations.  In fact, the platform hopes to have developed and installed 1000 units by 2021.Then the geographical expansion and growing the network and ecosystem will follow.

Improve Your Travel Experience

Next time you find yourself in desperate need of luxury, comfort, and privacy while you’re waiting for your flight, why not enjoy the benefits of the AirPod?  You’ll be relaxed and revitalized in no time!

Find out more about how to be a part of the crowdsale, or have a look at the platform’s whitepaper.

Would you make use of one these luxurious AirPods at an airport?  Let us know in the comments below!

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