Deeper insights on TRON [TRX]’s recently ushered test net

Most of the digital currencies are backed by a strong development team, a number of interested investors, and a growing community. This is subject to regular updates as developers try to address and fix issues from the past. Cryptocurrencies also release network trials called Test nets where developers and others can test the system for smoothness. Such was the case for Tron Foundation which hyped its Test Net launch on March 31st.

Justin Sun, Founder of TRON tweeted:

“According to Github, the project with the highest code update frequency in 30 days is TRX with 126 nodes across the globe with most of them in the USA.”

According to the official information, the test net has achieved all the functions of the basic chain which includes the operation of nodes, custom token creation, transactions, voting, and data browsing. Soon with the main net launch on May 31st, TRX can leave the ERC 20 network. They are set to initiate the migration on April 15th.

Justin Sun tweeted claiming that it took them 3 days to launch 126 nodes in 5 continents of the world. United States is on the top with 50 nodes while China, Spain, Germany, India, and the UK are doing great as well.

Mathew Henry, a Tron follower commented on Twitter:

“Great focus and determination in bringing the vision of TRON [TRX] to life. Fantastic! Hard work always pays off. I can’t wait to look back and say I was a part of this. Keep up the good work guys, make us Tronics proud always.”

Barry Aslan, a market observer says:

“I will not believe in Tron anymore, it is just manipulated with whales. TRX is all plagiarized work and everybody knows that. This means absolutely nothing. It just means it was a big project. No one else looks at this shitty code except the Tron developers. And what are you guys even developing? Why do we even care about this?”

TRON [TRX] is currently trading at $0.034 after a gain of 8.32% in the past few hours.

Mohammed Sayed, a Twitter user says:

“The test net launch was an absolute shamble. The timing was wrong, the posts were elusive and confusing and so far, you have not presented the community with any solid test net statistics. I’m out again until you can prove to me you are a projected to be invested in.”

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