Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Nano

FOMO Moments

The markets have continued correcting during the Asian trading session this morning. Bitcoin continues with its slow sell off but the some of the altcoins seem to be accelerating downwards at a faster rate. BTC seems to have found support at $10,500 and has headed upwards slightly however it is still down around 2% on the day. Most altcoins are also down except one which is pretty rampant right now, and that is Nano.

Nano is the rebranded version of RaiBlocks and according to Coinmarketcap it is trading 26% higher on the day. From a low of just under $7 yesterday NANO (previously XRB) is nudging towards $10 today with a spurt that started a couple of hours ago. It had been down trending all week from a high of $10.02 until today when it has spiked back up to $9.05. RaiBlocks had a great run in early January peaking at $36, like most altcoins that were pumped during this period it has fallen back heavily.

Nano touts itself as a ‘block lattice’ based network offering zero fee digital currency transactions. This makes micropayments more viable as there are no fees and transactions are instant. The fomo spike today has come on the announcement that the Nano wallet for Android is now in Beta on Google Play. An iOS version is in the pipeline.

Nano has a market capacity of $1.2 billion with Binance taking over 90% of the trade volume. In the past 24 hours $82 million has been traded and there are 133 million tokens in total with all of them in circulation. Nano is currently ranked at number 24 in the market cap charts.

Other altcoins showing positive price action this morning in Asia are Monero, up 8%, and Zcash. Outside of the top 25 Populous, Dent and Polymath are also doing well when most others are falling.

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