What angered the TRON [TRX] community again?

Just over a week ago, the TRON [TRX] community lashed out against Justin Sun and the Tron foundation on their Twitter profiles for posting an alleged “paid” promotion as an organic article. Looks like this week again, the Tron Foundation posted links to three articles by Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq and one more publication on their Twitter account indicating that Tron was “stable” amidst this past week’s cryptocurrency downfall.

Tron Foundation’s tweet

The TRON community did not receive this well as the articles in all the three had the same title and content and people felt that Tron was indulging in unnecessary “hype” articles instead of focusing on their product.

Shahzad Ahmad, a Twitterati says,

Another Twitterati commenting on the kind of articles these three seem like

Another Tron Foundation follower commented,

“Strange, cuz last I checked tron tanked nearly just as bad as all the other crypto’s, how is that stable. I’m a TRON dick rider too, so for me to say that means this statement is silly af.”

Scott, another stock market enthusiast says,

“just to let all you people know this article was put on the Nasdaq site and was by tron them selves using access wire to make it look like Nasdaq has interest in tron Nasdaq have not commented on tron whatsoever, this is just like the fake Reuters article @justinsuntron

Another user not happy with the content of the articles

Peter Mollen Hansen says,

“What I don’t like about these “articles” are that they are written like it was a third party when in fact they’re just commercials written by TRON themselves. And they keep referring to Reuters etc like those were also other independent press realeases”

In spite of these stories, the TRON [TRX] team have made major strides in partnerships especially with BitGuild and even adding a new security engineer to their team to enhance their security especially with many tokens being vulnerable to hacks. TRX also got listed on multiple exchanges in the past two weeks which saw the TRX prices rising considerably at the moment the news was released.

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