Milkshaked Brexit Party veteran says Jo Brand SHOULD face police quiz over acid joke as Scotland Yard drops case

THE OAP ex-Para doused in milkshake as he campaigned for the Brexit Party labelled Jo Brand a “very foolish woman” who should be cautioned by police for her acid hurl “joke”.

Don MacNaughton, 81, spoke out as police tonight said they will take no further action against the 61-year-old comic after she joked about throwing acid at politicians.

In May, Don was drenched in milkshake by a thug as he campaigned for Farage’s party outside a polling station in Aldershot, Hampshire before the European Elections.

Meanwhile, Brand has pulled out of an event on Saturday as controversy rages over her joke about throwing acid over politicians, which she made on BBC Radio 4 show Heresy.

Don told Sun Online said: “She was a very foolish woman and she should have a police caution put on her.


“It was a foolish comment and it should result in a police caution.”

But despite widespread rage over Brand's remark, the ex-Parachute Regiment colour sergeant insisted she shouldn't be sacked from the BBC.

Don added: “No, I don’t think so. A police caution would suffice, I believe.”

Brand sparked outrage when she said yobs who hurled milkshakes at politicians such as Brexit Party boss Nigel Farage were “pathetic”.

She added: “I’m thinking why bother with milkshakes when you could get battery acid?”

She was a very foolish woman and she should have a police caution put on her.

Theresa May waded into the row and asked BBC bosses to explain why the joke was deemed appropriate to broadcast.

Brand has now withdrawn from Saturday’s Alzheimer's Society Buzz Bingo event as her comments continue to draw anger.

Sinead Donoghue, head of corporate partnerships at the Alzheimer's Society, said: "Unfortunately in light of recent events, Jo's schedule has now changed and she's not able to attend the Buzz Bingo event, celebrating their contribution to Alzheimer's Society."

The BBC has now deleted the episode of Radio 4 show Heresy from iPlayer and BBC sounds app.

The star yesterday apologised for the remarks in front of an audience in Henley, Oxon.


Brand said: “Looking back it probably was somewhat a crass and ill-judged joke that might upset people.

“Of course I’d never do anything like that. It was purely a fantasy. I’m sorry. I’m a human, I make mistakes.”

Brand, hired by the Beeb as a freelance and paid via a production firm, added: “I’m not employed by the BBC, so how can they sack me?”

Joe Davies, 25, burned by drain cleaner in a 2017 attack, said: “It’s vile and unfunny. I’d like to meet her and describe what I went through.”

Don MacNaughton laughed off last month’s cowardly milkshake attack, when he was covered in red liquid.

Speaking after the attack he said: "Somebody came across the street to the polling station and he gave me the finger.

"He then started giving me verbal abuse and ran off.


"I didn't hear the abuse because I was laughing at him.

"Ten minutes later he came back with a milkshake, and he threw it over me.

"I again just curled up laughing, I didn't mind because it was my favourite flavour.”

Don remained outside the polling station wearing his milkshake-stained clothes until it closed at 10pm that night.

Two burly ex-comrades from the Paras turned up to guard Don after the attack.

Farage was also soaked in milkshake during a walkabout in Newcastle shortly before Don was targeted.

Police tonight said Brand will face no further action for her joke.

In a statement, Scotland Yard said: "Police received an allegation of incitement to violence on 13 June, relating to comments made on a radio programme.

"The referral has been considered by the MPS and no further police action will be taken in relation to this allegation."

It's understood the allegation reported to the police was not made by Mr Farage or the Brexit Party.

Ofcom said it has received 65 complaints about the episode of Heresy.

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