Labour secretly plans to have TWO leaders if Jeremy Corbyn loses General Election – one for Brexit and one against – The Sun

LABOUR has drawn up secret plans to appoint two co-leaders when Jeremy Corbyn stands down, it emerged last night.

The plan would involve an MP from a pro-Remain area of the country and another from a Leave-voting area taking over in a job-share.

It is seen as a way of uniting a party torn apart over Brexit and is backed by senior Labour figures.

But Tories mocked the plan and warned that the role of leading one of Britain’s two major parties was too important to become a job-share.

Brexiteer Mark Francois said: “Many of us have been saying for years that Labour are utterly two-faced on Brexit — this would just make it official!”

The plan — revealed by HuffPost last night — will be implemented if, as polls suggest, Mr Corbyn loses the December 12 poll.

Close ally and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has said he and Mr Corbyn will quit if they fail to lead Labour into power.

The Greens became the first UK political party to appoint two co-leaders but Labour would become the first major party in the world if it followed suit.

Figures touted for the pro-Leave post last night included Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner, Wigan’s Lisa Nandy, Salford’s Rebecca Long-Bailey and Durham’s Laura Pidcock.

Those suggested for the Remain role include Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer, Mr McDonnell, Tottenham’s David Lammy and Shadow Women’s Minister Dawn Butler.

One Labour politician told HuffPost: “The Greens make it work, so why can’t we? It would let us represent the smaller towns and the big cities with different voices.”

Tory Andrew Bridgen said: “This just underlines the problem Labour has and the circle it can’t square — how to keep both their metropolitan Remain supporters and their Midland and Northern Leave voters on board.”

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