King Of Irony Donald Trump Chuckles Over ‘Low IQ’ Of Joe ‘Bidan,’ Twitter Wits Can’t Even

Even during a state visit to Japan President Donald Trump still managed to deliver yet another gift-wrapped package of glee — and some horror — to Twitter critics. The amused president so enjoyed what he characterized as North Korea leader Kim Jong Un’s dig at “low IQ” Joe Biden, Trump tweeted Saturday. Except Trump spelled Biden’s name “Joe Bidan.”

“Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?” Trump asked perplexingly at the end of his tweet.

The spelling was finally corrected hours later, but not before providing entertainment to thousands.

Not everyone was laughing, though. Many were horrified that Trump once again supported Kim after the president said he “fired off some small weapons.” Those were the same weapons tests that National Security Adviser John Bolton warned on Friday violated United Nations Security Council resolutions. Bolton said he expected Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday to discussing maintaining the “integrity” of the resolutions.

Others derided Trump for backing a dictator’s attack — apparently referring to criticism of Biden on North Korean state media — on an American citizen.

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