Ripple’s Senior Vice President: Asset’s success is dependent on regulatory clarity and its use case

The cryptocurrency market is facing the headwind preventing it from the bull-rally the people have been expecting for a very long time. During the Binance Blockchain Weekly, Binance invited more than 1,500 movers and shakers from around the world to discuss the state of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance said:

“Most people think of Binance as an exchange. That is our main business, but we are more than an exchange. We’re trying to build a healthy ecosystem.”

Ripple, being the leader it is had made quite a few connections last year with various financial institutions and banks across the world and is still going strong.

During its recent announcement, Ripple disclosed that it had crossed more than 200 partners that are on board and are willing to use Ripple’s blockchain technology-based payment solutions.

Brad Garlinghouse made a huge impact at Davos and in the Ethereal panel where he revealed that there were games that were being developed on the XRP Ledger, which came as a shock to most people since most view Ripple as a payments company and not a game developing company.

Moreover, during the Binance Blockchain Weekly, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Ripple, Eric van Miltenburg said:

“Future success of digital assets will be driven by each asset’s use case and regulatory clarity. We don’t need thousands of coins—each must have a legitimate reason for existing.”

In addition, Ripple recently announced their accelerator program for their partners and the aim of this program is to accelerate the adoption and usage of Ripple solutions and to be made available in XRP or USD.

@Alexcobb replied:

“Aint that the truth, we need to purge the shit coins from the 2017 crypto boom”

@nancynakamoto, a Twitter user commented:

“As long as “Digital Assets” aka cryptocurrencies are simply private currencies there is simply no reason any of them should have any value. Let alone that one should have any more value than others. XRP is fundamentally worthless.”

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