Draggin’ Dragons Is A Blockchain Game Built On The Halo Platform

Breed, battle and bet on racing Dragons. Cheer your dragon on as they triumph in a hair-raising run for the championship! Win and you take home Halo cryptocurrency as a reward.

My personal belief is that gaming will be the primary driver of adoption in the cryptocurrency space. Add the ability to wager within games and the excitement for the games will be exponentially higher.

Block and Chain Games Studio is the team who brought us the dice game Blockfight. If you have not played that game check it out now. Wager with Halo and Ethereum.

Draggin’ Dragons Speed Racing Trailer.

Draggin’ Dragons GamePlay.

Draggin’ Dragons Game Overview.

Would You Like to Participate in the Draggin’ Dragons Closed Beta?

Sign Up for the Beta Here.

Keep in Touch With The Block and Chain Games Team.

Website: https://blockandchain.games/

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/yQTXMqp/

Telegram: t.me/haloplatform

Facebook: BlockandChainGames

Twitter: BandCGame

Linkedin: Block and Chain Games Studio

Medium: @BandCGame

Instagram: Blockandchaingames

Reddit: /r/BnCGameStudios/

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