Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson confirms ‘blockchain in a box’ approach for Testnets’ assessments

As the world tries to implement new use cases within the cryptoverse, testnets have gained the attention of enthusiasts since they help in understanding the implementation issues faced during real-time deployments. Charles Hoskinson took it upon himself to clear out some of the related confusions, as he hosted a livestream.

Hoskinson stated that self node setup is the best way to implement a Testnet since it provides total control over the network. While explaining its various benefits, he said,

“It basically bootstraps your own genesis block, which can be ultimately used to demonstrate the cryptocurrency working on your computer.”

He also explained how adding more functionalities to the block does not alter much of the existing node. Additionally, Hoskinson said that Cardano is performing a similar “blockchain in a box” approach to test the Cardano-Haskell wallet backend with the Rust Node, in collaboration with the users.

While Hoskinson hinted at what to expect in the near future, he also asked viewers to keep an eye out for a blogpost that will contain some of the most crucial USPs with Rust client. The livestream also touched upon Cardano’s two designs for multi-sig, each working on different protocols. Once the technology is implemented, Hoskinson said that users will be able to access reference videos to understand and operate the technology better.

Additionally, the Testnet project launch will be followed by supplementary videos aimed at collecting feedback from users for performing network enhancements. As per the latest updates, experts speculate that Hoskinson’s strategy is to gain market confidence for his future projects, a strategy proven successful by Tron CEO Justin Sun.

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